Simple SharingTips


Simple SharingTips

Dec 30, 2013

The temperature is rising, which means service opportunities are increasing too.

Make use of this weather change for outreach in outdoor public places, where population has also risen, like the park.

There are numerous opportunities for servant evangelism at the park. Here are some ideas.

Soft Drink Giveaways

Fill coolers with cold drinks. Create invitation cards to your church. (You will likely need water resistant holders.) Put these under the soda tab or on the side of the water bottle. As people pass, ask: “Hi, would you like water or a soda?”

Freshen-up Packs

It’s difficult to wash hands at the park. A moist towelette is a practical small gift. Package a few with mints and make a “freshen-up” pack. Attach your invitation card to your church.

Flower Seeds

Hand out flower seeds to celebrate the warm weather. Some companies offer the option of having your church name printed on the outside of the packet.

Outreach ideas provided by

Equipping to Share Newsletter, May, 2009