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Christ Lutheran Church Long-Range Plan

Constitution of Christ Lutheran Church Peoria, IL

Christ Lutheran Church Long Range Plan

The Lutheran Cemetery of Peoria


The Lutheran Cemetery of Peoria is a non-profit Cemetery that was established in 1872. It is owned by both Christ Lutheran Church and Trinity Lutheran Church and the sole purpose of the cemetery is to provide members of both churches, as well as other citizens in the community, a serene atmosphere for Christian burials.

The Cemetery is beautiful and highly functional where family and friends may inter their loved ones. In addition to traditional burial sites, the Cemetery has a “Cremation Garden” which has spaces for approximately 1000 cremation burials. This area remains unique to Central Illinois and features a gazebo that may be utilized for grave side services or as an area for visitors to simply rest and enjoy the serenity of the Cemetery.

For further information, please contact the Cemetery Office 637-9711.

Lutherans for Life

Lutherans For Life is a pro-life, pro-family ministry, neither a church body nor a denomination but a voluntary organization of “For Life” individuals.

Its Mission . . .

To witness to the sanctity of human life through education based on the Word of God.

Its Vision . . .

To be a powerful, biblical, pro-life voice and resource to Lutherans and, through them, transform society.

Its Philosophy . . .

Lutherans For Life believes that the Church is compelled by God’s Word to speak and act on behalf of those who are vulnerable and defenseless. The crisis of our times is the repudiation of biblical truth manifested in the wanton destruction of innocent human life through legalized abortion-on-demand and the growing threat to the lives of others through legalized assisted suicide and euthanasia. Therefore, as Lutherans For Life, we will strive to give witness, from a biblical perspective, to the Church and society on these and other related issues such as chastity, post abortion healing, and family living.


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