Board of Elders

This group of men is elected by the congregation to serve as spiritual advisors for the church. They work closely with the Pastors in prayer and support. They assist with the distribution of Holy Communion and encourage members to be regular in worship and communion attendance. Other opportunities for service by the Board of Elders include calling on low commitment members to encourage them in faithfulness. Each Elder has a segment of the congregation members for whom they have a special concern for their physical and spiritual welfare.

Current Elders and Membership Responsibilities:

 Albert Rayford - Cleveland Dave Lyons
 Clifton - Fredericks Del Hume
 Frederking - Kirkwood Dario Lamberti
 Kisler - Kayla Mills Open
 Minassian - Roth Dwayne Allen
 Rudebeck - Tosch David Traenkenschuh
 Traenkenschuh - Zentko Tommie Washington



Board of Trustees

The Trustees are privileged to care for the physical properties of the congregation. They care for any legal matters that need attention.

2016 Board Members:  RaeAnn Laylock(Chairman), John Jourdan (Vice-Chair), Richard Partee, Bonnie Farrell, Larry VonBehren

Youth Board

This Board monitors all events of the youth at Christ Lutheran Church - fostering spiritual growth.

2016 Board Members: Cassandra Eckhoff (Chairperson), Michelle Teske (Vice-Chair),  Emma Whitehead, Joshua Eckhoff

Long Range Planning

This committee seeks to ascertain the foreseeable future needs of the congregation in all its various facets. Their findings are then referred to various board and committees of the congregation.

Stewardship and Finance Board

The Board of Stewardship and Finance is charged with the supervision of the church stewardship program and financial affairs of the Church. The Board consists of two elected and four appointed members of the congregation.

Its duties include: appointment of financial officers; gathering and recording of contributions; budget preparation; stewardship opportunities (both locally and worldwide); maintenance and reviews of salaries, pensions and annuities for call workers, employees under contract, and all hired personnel.

It is also responsible for all rules and regulations to maintain an accurate accounting of all contributions and disbursements.

2016 Board Members: Al Schneider (Chairman), Aimee Traenkenschuh (Vice-chair), Mike Roth, Ken Eichhorn

Day School Board

The Board for Christian Day School is charged with the supervision of Christ Lutheran School.  As such it co-operate with the principal(s) and the pastor(s) in making rules and regulations, approving the curriculum and the text books and in doing whatever is reasonably possible to increase the enrollment and maintain the highest standards in the field of elementary education.

2016 Board Members: Kathy Traenkenschuh  (Chairperson),  Deb Wolfmeyer (Vice-Chair), Jan Lyons, Bonnie Hester

Board of Parish Ed and Outreach

This Board strives to bring new members into the church and attempts to keep those members who might show a tendency to fall away from the church through poor church attendance.

The board helps to carry out some of the social activities for the church; such as setting up family activities (ball games, dinners, the church picnic, etc.). The Board seeks to help all members of the congregation see their role in bringing the spiritually lost to the Lord.

This board is also charged with promoting and supervising educational agencies within the parish which would enlarge the opportunities of the congregation in the field of Christian education with the emphasis on LCMS doctrine.

This includes Sunday Morning Education Hour for all ages, VBS, Lifelight Bible studies, Christian Education Month, Confirmation, and all other non-professional educational programs of the church and school.  We are to work closely with all other boards, day school, pre-school, extended care program, and Bible study groups to ensure that Christian Education is available and promoted to all members of our church, school, and community. 

2016 Board Members: Laura Baize (Chairperson),  Nan Hume (Vice-Chair), Kathy Otten, Becky Moore

Lutheran Women of Greater Peoria

Lutheran Women of Greater Peoria is organized to promote inter-Lutheran fellowship, ecumenical understanding, and to give opportunity to witness through volunteer service to others in Christian love and concern. It is open to all women from Lutheran congregations in the greater Peoria area. There are 31 churches in the Peoria area that belong to this group. Each church has 2 delegates to represent them. 

Proceeds from fund raisers are divided equally between the Lutheran Social Services and the Lutheran Home. In 1998 the Church Mouse Thrift Shop, located at 641 W. Main became an incorporation of the Lutheran Women of Greater Peoria. 

General membership meetings are held at designated churches on the 2nd Friday of February and May at 9:30 a. m. An October annual meeting with a noon luncheon, entertainment and the installation of new officers is held in October.

2016 Representative:  Suzanne Heinz