Seven different adult Bible Classes offer a variety of topics for edification each Sunday. All Classes begin at 9:30 AM and last approximately 1 hour.

Current topics include:
  • Various Current Topics - led by Pastor Eckhoff, in the Community Room - 1st Floor - A Biblical review of current topics. (Pastor Knief, Substitute)
  • 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus - led by Albert Schneider in the Mustard Seed Room - Parish Hall - 1st Floor (Reg Lee & Larry VonBehren, Substitutes)
  • Proverbs - led by Jim Grebe in the Daniel’s Den Room - Parish Hall - 1st Floor (Jeff Grebe, Substitute)
  • Paul's Great Epistles - led by Ralph Teske in the Cornerstone Room - Parish Hall - 1st Floor
  • Parables  - led by Dave Traenkenschuh in the former Pastor's Office - Parish Hall - 1st Floor
  • College Issues - led by Laura Baize for young adults - 3rd floor Parish Hall at top of steps
  • Spiritual Gifts- led by Dustin and Stephanie Rewinkel for Young Adults - 4th floor very top of the steps

Adults (Parish Hall)
(Community Room) - Pastor Eckhoff/Pastor Knief, Sub
(Mustard Seed Room) - Al Schneider/Reg Lee/Larry VonBehren, Subs
(Cornerstone Room) - Ralph Teske
(Daniel's Den Room) Jim Grebe/Jeff Grebe, Sub
(former Pastor's Office) - Dave Traenkenschuh